Monday, March 23, 2009

Busy Birthday Week

I turned 51 on Sunday, March 15, 2009.  Sean cooked chicken on the grill.  He and Brittaney brought a bouquet of red gerber daisies also.  Nathan bought me three red roses and a gift card to my favorite store, Talbots. Jonathan gave me money for a Talbots gift card, and coupons good for a hug, a kiss, a for winning an arguement, which he said I obviously needed.  He keeps me laughing.  Dean gave me a gift card for a night out at one of my favorite restaurants, Lucille's.  That evening the boys and I attended a fireside held at the Arrowhead Stake Center.  The guest speaker was Alex Boye, a famous singer.  He spoke about music and the dangers of listening to the wrong kind of music.  The two hours that Alex performed and spoke went really fast. He was very inspirational and entertaining.  

This past week was a busy week for me.  On Monday, March 16, 2009, I completed my training to be a substitute teacher for Clark County School District.  Now I am licensed, trained and ready to go.  

On Tuesday, some of my friends gathered to help me celebrate my 51st birthday at Jeryl Ann Gordon's home. She prepared quiche, rolls, green salad with a balsamic vinegar dressing and homemade raspberry lemon cheesecake.  It was delicious and I enjoyed being pampered by friends. 

Also, I hosted a dress party on my driveway on Thursday from 4:00 p.m. until 6:30 p.m.  My friend, Deanne Brady, brought 1000 new spring designer girl's dresses from Los Angeles to sell.  Along with the dresses, I put out my beaded bracelets and watchbands.  They are becoming more popular and the Utah craze is working its way to the Las Vegas area.  Half way through the dress party, I had to turn the jewelry sales over to Nathan and Jonathan who filled in for me as I had another commitment at Talbots.  

A good friend, Becky Evans, and I were asked to host an event for Talbots.  All we had to do was dress in a new outfit, stand at their doors, greet the customers, and tell them about the sale.  We each earned a new outfit just for giving two hours of our time.  It was an easy way to earn a new outfit.  I also have an application in with Talbots.  When they have a position open, they will call me.  As you can see from my last email, l am trying to help with the income.  I have been so fortunate to be able to stay home with the boys and be an at home mom. With Dean's new work situation, it has become necessary for me to help out financially.  I am trying several things until I figure out what I really want to do.

Friday morning, I went to Stephanie Morris's home where she and her sister, Tara Morris, were hosting a designer jeans/jewelry show.  I put out my jewelry and some sewn items.  Between the two jewelry shows, on Thursday and Friday, I sold $647.00 worth of merchandise.  My cute nieces are busy brainstorming other business opportunities for me.  If only I didn't require sleep!

A woman from St. George called me and asked if I would do another jewelry show there in May.  She had seen one of my bracelets that someone bought at the show that Stacia Shaw, another niece, hosted for me in February.

Nathan, Jonathan and I are looking forward to a trip to Texas for Spring Break.  My sister, Lori Whitlock from Syracuse, Utah, and her children will be there all week too.  My brother, Brian Thompson from Johnstown, Colorado, will be there part of the time too.  It is not often that Dad and Mom get all of their children home at the same time.  

Lori and I always look forward to spending time together.  We have projects to work on when we get together. A week won't be long enough to do all that we have talked about doing.

I am going to stop writing so that I can go clean out my food storage pantry.  I have to make room for some freeze dried food that I ordered.  I will post some photos soon.  Take care and have a great week.  


Pamela K. Walker     



  1. busy life! I am always amazed at what you get done!

  2. Phew-I'm am tuckered out just reading about your life. If you figure out a healthy way to go without sleep let me know-because that would sure come in handy.

    I can vouch for you that the watches are darling. I've received multiple compliments on mine. Now I just need some business cards from you that I can pass out!

  3. Now I really can't wait to get my watch. I'm sure Guatemala will be uncharted territory. Maybe you'd like to come and do a party here???

  4. Pam-you have done a beautiful job of beginning this wonderful way to journal. I love doing mine and just wish that lately I would be better at keeping up with our life. I have been doing it for 18 months and lately it is lacking.....WOW! my dear friend you are busy...take care of yourself. Don't forget a little pampering is always refreshing. I hope you are doing well and will know that I think of you often. I hope that I will get to see you when you come up to UT in June. I am th worst-I didn't even send your card and little sentiment on time for your birthday. I still have it sitting here....I'm so sorry! Life just isn't what we bargained for, is it? It sounds like you had the best day and nothing less could be expected. Enjoy each day and know I think of you always. I need to call you and catch up!!!! Take care of yourself, get some sleep-or are you creating in your sleep? You are an amazing woman! Lots of talent to bless this world with-you go girl!!! Keep in touch-