Sunday, September 6, 2009

Finishing Touches On Weddings

I have been working all summer for a friend of mine, Joanne Spelts, who owns Joanne's Designs. She is a wedding planner and florist. We have done several weddings with a variety of color schemes and themes. It is fun to plan and create the bride's dream wedding. We go to great lengths to put the finishing touches on her dream day. The last wedding party we planned was for Dr. Carey and Cindy Noorda's son and lovely bride. The venue for the party was the Noorda's home and yard. The Noorda's wanted their littlest guests to have a memorable evening as well, so the party included a children's activity area with craft activites, sweets and treats for the little ones. Joanne went on vacation and left this occasion in my hands. With the help of friends, it came together and all who were present had a wonderful time.

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